South Korea said that Nissan will be fined for emissions

Южная Корея заявила, что оштрафует Nissan за вредные выбросы

South Korea will write the Japanese automaker Nissan a fine in the amount of 330 000 000 won (about 280 thous.) for the manipulation of data on the harmful emissions model Qashqai, reports Reuters.

The Ministry of environment of South Korea announced that they plan also file a complaint with the Prosecutor’s office about actions of the head of representation of Nissan in South Korea and to withdraw 814 cars Qashqai.

After the publication of the scandal involving the concealment of emissions the cars of the brand Volkswagen South Korea decided to hold an extraordinary inspection of the environmental performance of vehicles on its territory. As a result, 14 out of 16 diesel cars from different manufacturers failed. Most deviations from the norm recorded in Japanese Qashqai.

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As reported, after the scandal with Volkswagen, the EU imposed new tests for emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

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