South will play against the North in the all-star game super League

Юг сыграет против Севера в Матче звезд Суперлиги

South will play against the North in the all-star game super League

The FBI has disclosed details of the Match all stars super League.

The basketball Federation of Ukraine said, what will be the Match of all stars of the Superleague, which will be held in Nikolaev on January 27.

This season the teams will again be divided by geography: North vs South. Team North will include representatives of the current champion Budivelnik, confident leader of the season of the Dnieper, Cherkassy Map, Polytechnic. The option of combining in one team Budivelnik and Dnepr became possible due to the financial difficulties of Kiev, which led to the departure of several key players.

South will play the representatives of the home team of the tournament MBK Nikolaev, as well as BEEPS, Chemist and Zaporozhye.

According to the official website of the FBU, the participants of the match will choose the fans, the team captains and organizers. The starting five would call an equal distribution of the voting, and captains of each of the four teams that are part of a team of participants of the all-star game. Five team members will determine the future of the coaches, and they are the coaches of those teams in the super League, who will be the highest in the standings at the time of the all-star game. And two more will get the tournament organizers.

The program of the all-star match will start the traditional contests: skill, three-pointers and slam-dunks. In workmanship and three-pointers will be in addition to men participate and women’s super League.

The all-star game will be held on 27 January in Nikolaev, beginning at 14:00.

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