Soviet satellite Lightning burned in the Earth’s atmosphere

Советский спутник Молния сгорел в атмосфере Земли

Just a year of decay about 50 satellites.

Soviet satellite dual-purpose Molniya-1-44 (series Lightning-1+) has ceased to exist, follows from the message of one of American online services for tracking space missions. “The object broke up over the territory of Zimbabwe,” the statement reads.

As told RIA Novosti member of the Russian Academy of cosmonautics Alexander Zheleznyakov, to reach the Earth can only tiny fragments of the spacecraft.

“Satellites series Zipper run in large batches, and therefore descend from orbit quite often. Usually they are completely destroyed in the atmosphere. To the ground unable to fly only fragments weighing about 500 grams,” – said the scientist.

According to him, only a year of decay about 50 of the satellites, two or three of which are satellites of the series Zip.

Previously, it was expected that the satellite Lightning falls to the Ground on 25 October.