S&P sounds alarm over debt limit States

S&P бьет тревогу из-за лимита госдолга Штатов

The United States should increase the debt ceiling limit, according to the Agency Standard & Poor’s.

Authoritative rating Agency Standard & Poor’s (s&P) has warned about the dramatic consequences for the US economy in the event that if the U.S. Congress does not increase the limit the debt ceiling until the end of September.

“If the limit is not raised, the consequences for the economy will be apparently even more catastrophic than the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008,” wrote the chief economist of S&P’s Beth Ann Bovino in an analytical article published on Thursday, August 31.

Bovino has warned that the US will expect a default, the closure of state institutions and a return to recession. At the conclusion of the analyst, the actual collapse of state institutions (government shutdown) delay in the maelstrom of the crisis and the economy. As a result, the GDP will be weekly decline of 0.2 percentage points (6.5 billion dollars).

The threat of a US default has arisen because of the conflict between President Donald trump and the Congress about funding construction of a controversial wall on the border with Mexico. Trump has threatened that he is ready to bring the matter to closure of state institutions in that case, if Congress will not provide the funds necessary for the construction of the wall.

Recall that in March the US hit a new debt ceiling, and the act that determined the maximum size of the national debt to $ 18.1 trillion, was suspended in November 2015 under President Barack Obama.