Space probe NASA began to unravel the mysteries of the Sun

Космический зонд NASA начал разгадывать тайны Солнца

NASA launched the space research unit, which began to reveal the secrets of the Sun, on which scientists fought for several decades.

The spacecraft Parker Solar Probe, which NASA scientists launched in August last year, began to reveal the secrets of the Sun. Scientists have received answers to some important questions for them, writes Nature.

Parker Solar Probe is currently closest to the Sun man-made object. The apparatus, being about 24 million km from the solar surface has already been transmitted to Earth a lot of interesting and useful science information.

Thus, space objects, NASA has been researching the solar wind – the stream of ionized particles coming from the corona of a star. Because of this wind on our planet occur auroras and magnetic storms. Excessive flow can damage satellites in orbit and even damage ground-based equipment.

Scientists know very little about this phenomenon. Therefore, the new information will give the possibility to predict negative “greetings” from space.

But the main sensation for the researchers was that the probe found enhanced variability of the magnetic field of the Sun. As noted by one of the experts of NASA, Adam Szabo, they didn’t even expect to receive such important information.

“Near the solar surface the magnetic field can turn 180 degrees for a small period of time. The phenomenon called “reverse switch”. This is totally unexpected. This significant change of orientation, which we didn’t expect to see,” said Szabo.

Experts recognize that these processes require a deeper and more detailed study.

“I am absolutely confident that we will make many interesting discoveries, but I would not say that we will receive answers to all questions,” said Adam Szabo.

It is noted that the apparatus will operate in the space of seven years and during that time will make 24 full revolution around the star. He should be close to the Sun at a distance of approximately 6.1 million miles Then Parker will accelerate to a speed of almost 700 thousand km/h and it will be a record for the machines created by man.

As the Sun in extremely high temperatures, scientists defended the devices Parker Solar Probe heavy-duty screen that should withstand temperature up to 1370 degrees.

Curiously, the machine will have a plaque with the names of more than 1.1 million people who wish to “fly to the Sun”.

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