Space station NASA approached the asteroid Bennu

Космическая станция NASA приблизилась к астероиду Бенну

Asteroid Bennu

Large space body interested scientists because of the possibility of collision with the Earth.

Space station OSIRIS-REx, launched in 2016, closer to the near-earth asteroid Bennu. According to specialists it can collide with Earth in the second half of XXII century.

The task of the space station to examine the body, collect samples from its surface and delivered to Earth.

To begin execution of the mission OSIRIS-REx requires a few months to approach the desired distance. The station should hold near the asteroid for two years and return in the spring of 2021.

Космическая станция NASA приблизилась к астероиду Бенну

Space station OSIRIS-REx approached the asteroid Bennu (image:

Scientists hope that during this time, OSIRIS-REx will gather enough information about the Bennu not only because of the threat of a collision. Outer body is very old and experts believe that he is able to talk about the evolution of the Solar system.

If Bennu will fall to the Ground, the impact force will be comparable with explosion of 3 billion tons of explosives.

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