Space telescope Hubble has failed

Космический телескоп Hubble вышел из строя

The device refused one of the gyros. It allows the instrument to accurately aim at objects.

The largest space telescope Hubble has failed due to breakage. The device refused one of the three gyroscopes, which is used for aiming a telescope at the target and hold it in a fixed position. This writes the NASA.

In connection with the damage to the telescope interrupted his work and was put into safe mode. He will remain in this position for as long as it’s operators will not find the solution.

We know that the unit has a total of six gyroscopes, because it was designed with multiple redundancy of all systems. However, it uses only three.

“Broken gyro worked badly for about a year, and its failure was not a surprise. Two other gyro of the same type was already out of service in April of this year. The three remaining gyro is better in technical terms and therefore should have a longer service life”, – noted in NASA.

Earlier it was reported that the Hubble telescope showed the spectacular cluster with thousands of galaxies.

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