Space telescope Kepler restored work

Космический телескоп Kepler восстановил работу

Orbital telescope Kepler

Again Kepler searches for exoplanets.

NASA specialists managed to restore the orbital telescope Kepler, which was interrupted in early April, said the space Agency.

“The work of Kepler resumed, he again leads the search for exoplanets – planets outside the Solar system,” said program Manager Charles sobeck.

According to him, the cause of the problem still being studied.

“The nature of the problems has the features of the transient events that led to a large number of alarms, which overloaded the system, resulting in Kepler switched to a mode of operation in an emergency situation,” said Sobek.

Kepler, designed to search for exoplanets, was launched in may 2009. The device constantly monitored the stars in a small region of the sky near the constellation Cygnus and was looking for the planet, fixing the weak fluctuations of brightness of these stars with the passage of the planets through the disk of the star.

In may 2013, the telescope is out of order, but experts have found a way to continue his work within the so-called the K2 mission. In 2014, NASA officially approved the resurrection of the telescope and extended its funding for two years.

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Before breaking Kepler was directed to one point of space, and kept only a small area of the sky, which is located at the junction of the constellations Cygnus and Lyra. After the “resurrection” telescope monitors different parts of the firmament, as the NASA experts have to constantly turn it so that sunlight falling into the lens of the telescope.