Space X will begin flying to Mars in autumn

Space X начнет полеты на Марс уже осенью

Demo Falcon Heavy will be launched in November.

The company Space X plans to launch super-heavy rocket, the Falcon Heavy in November of this year. The head of the company Elon Musk said in his Instagram.

“Demo Falcon Heavy will be launched in November,” wrote Musk.

Earlier it was reported that the company intends to send to the moon tourists. The flight itself was supposed to happen on the ship Dragon 2 (Crew Dragon), and display it in the space rocket, the Falcon Heavy.

Carrier rocket Falcon Heavy also intend to use during the mission to Mars. According to the Mask, there are chances that during the first flight, the rocket could explode almost immediately after starting.

Previously, SpaceX has shown how it will look like a manned mission to Mars.