Spaceship Cockpit “dumped” to the Ground

Космический корабль Starliner "сбросили" на Землю

Boeing has tested a space ship Cockpit

The reusable spacecraft will lift the crew into orbit and pull it back.

The Boeing company has successfully tested the parachute system of the spacecraft Cockpit. This was reported by the press service of the company in the short clip, posted on official YouTube channel.

Capsule manned spacecraft several times dropped on the ground. The test passed in the lower atmosphere. It is reported that the Starliner has successfully passed four of the five tests of the parachute system. It provides a soft descent inhabited the capsules on the surface of the Earth after the orbit.

The capsule is designed to land on solid ground, but it was also experienced on the water.

Earlier it was reported that in the United States successfully tested a reusable rocket. The Correspondent also wrote that NASA has created the most complete picture of the Universe.

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