SpaceX has postponed the launch of the rocket with a telescope

SpaceX отложила запуск ракеты с телескопом

The launch of the Falcon 9 rocket

The pending launch of the Falcon 9 rocket which should put into orbit a new NASA telescope to search for potentially habitable planets.

American private space company SpaceX has postponed the launch of the Falcon 9 rocket with the space telescope TESS from the spaceport in Florida.

“Canceling start today to conduct further analysis of the system of control and navigation,” – said in a statement on Twitter.

Start postponed to Wednesday, April 18.

Standing down today to conduct additional GNC analysis, and teams are now working towards a targeted launch of @NASA_TESS on Wednesday, April 18.

— SpaceX (@SpaceX) 16 APR 2018

If the launch and removal will take place quickly, a telescope within the next two years will have to see about 85% of the entire sky to search for exoplanets.

Rамера TESS will measure the brightness of the pre-selected 200 thousand stars and accumulate the light from each of them within two seconds. Examining more than 200 thousand of stars in the solar neighborhood, the telescope will be able to catalog over 1500 new candidates for exoplanets, the real existence of which then have to prove by other means.

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Earlier, SpaceX launched an upgraded Falcon 9 rocket with the satellites IridiumNEXT.

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