SpaceX has pressed Russia. A new breakthrough Elon musk

SpaceX потеснил Россию. Новый прорыв Илона Маска

The American company has become a leader in the launching of rockets into space this year.

The company SpaceX Elon musk have bypassed Russia and has become a world leader in the number of launches of space rockets in 2017.

The American company has made 12 starts with the beginning of 2017, while the Russian space Agency – 11, with two of the launch of the Soyuz rocket have on the company Arianespace from the United States.

By the way, Russia has lost the lead which remained for her in 2000, in the last year, having made 18 space launches, including flights Kourou, whereas USA and China 19.

In 2000 the share of Russia accounted for 39 launches, the United States, 28, China five. In 2015, these countries produced 29, 20 and 19 starts respectively.


The new world leader

24 Aug company SpaceX made the twelfth successful launch payloads into Earth orbit in 2017. Thus the company has become a world leader in the number of launches this year. Up to this point, she shared leadership with the Corporation Roscosmos.

SpaceX launched from launch pad SLC-4E on the basis of the Vandenberg launch vehicle Falcon 9 with the Taiwanese satellite FORMOSAT-5. This launch was the anniversary 40th of the Falcon 9.

The rocket successfully launched a satellite into orbit and the first stage of the village on the floating platform Just Read the Instructions in the Pacific Ocean. Thus, for the fifteenth time SpaceX successfully put the first step.

From 2013 to 2016 SpaceX have made an average of six successful launches in a year, but in 2017 significantly increased the number.

Fast-growing pace in this year are connected, including, with the accident in September last year, when the Falcon 9 exploded during a test burn on the launch pad.

The cause of the explosion was a serious helium leak in the cryogenic system, so SpaceX has postponed all launches, and moved it to 2017.

“SpaceX is not a country, but if she was, the company could compare the number of launches in 2017, with Russia. And SpaceX, and Russia this year launched for 11 successful missions, China – eight European firms – six,” – said on the eve of the launch edition Ars Technica.

It is noteworthy that the main U.S. competitor SpaceX, United Launch Alliance Alliance – launched this year with only five missiles.

“12 runs – more than any other country or space company in the world, including a missile and a giant like Russia, which has launched 11 rockets until this year,” notes Business Insider.

As of today, most (23%) of global launches have had on the Falcon 9 second place goes to the Russian Union (17 percent), third (12 percent) – the Chinese Long March.

Fourth, fifth and sixth place is divided American Atlas 5 and the Japanese H-2 and the European Ariane 5. The seventh result is from Indian media Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle and Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle. The Russian proton and the European Vega (with Ukrainian engine) in 2017 was run twice.

Thus 33 per cent of all launches made this year that made America, 21% Russia, 15% China, 12% in Europe and 10% Japan.

Until the end of 2017, Roscosmos and SpaceX plan to make 11 more starts. The company intends the Mask at the end of this year to hold 45 percent of the global market of commercial launches, and in 2018 to increase its share to 60-65 per cent.

At a loss

However, Western publications write that SpaceX launched a rocket at a loss, since the mass of the Taiwan launched the satellite is only 474 KGM, which is 20 times below the maximum carrying capacity of the rocket, so the rocket flew actually “wasted”.

The probable reason lies in the fact that the Treaty with Taiwan was signed in 2010, but it realizae was postponed for various reasons. Originally FORMOSAT-5 was supposed to start with a light rocket, the Falcon 1, the first private rocket Elon musk, which put into orbit a payload.

The customer originally paid $ 23 million for a launch, the commercial launch of the Falcon 9 rocket is estimated at 62 million.

Due to low demand, the company abandoned the use of the single-engine Falcon 1 rockets in the summer of 2011, focusing on developing more powerful rockets, the Falcon 9.

Thus, regardless of the method run, the cost to the customer remained fixed.

The Taiwan authorities to abandon long paid contract, especially what SpaceX is obliged to pay the customer a 1.25% penalty for each month overdue launch.

According to investment firm Jefferies International, the net profit from each launch of the Falcon 9 is estimated at 40 Provento subject to the return and recovery of the spent first-stages.

Thus, taking into account compensation SpaceX not only got a profit for last start, but suffered a net loss of $ 14 million.

Better only Falcon. Musk estimated the Ukrainian Zenit