SpaceX launch vehicle with astronauts in April 2019

SpaceX запустит корабль с астронавтами в апреле 2019 года

Shuttle Dragon

The company has agreed with the launch of NASA’s space Shuttle Dragon to the International space station.

SpaceX said that the first Dragon spacecraft with astronauts on Board will take place in April 2019.

Carry out a test flight, astronauts Bob bracken and Doug Hurley. The specialists will work out the docking maneuver with the ISS.

NASA and SpaceX agreed on controversial the key issue when they refilled the fuel tanks of the Falcon 9 rocket, which will take Dragon into orbit. Agreed that the company to fill the rocket after the astronauts will take their places.

For NASA retained the right to make an independent examination of the ship SpaceX to evaluate the degree of risk during the first manned flight.

The space Agency will be able to stop the countdown to start at any time up to the last moment.

Earlier spacecraft Dragon Mask-2 showed no skin Also the Correspondent wrote that the astronauts played tennis on the ISS

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