SpaceX will launch a secret drone US air force

SpaceX запустит секретный беспилотник ВВС США

X-37B became the first spacecraft landing in a fully Autonomous mode

Us company SpaceX will deliver an experimental military satellite X-37B on oribt. This was announced by the representative of the U.S. air force Heather Wilson for his speech in the us Senate, reports Space Flight Now.

The launch will be held in August 2017, using the Falcon 9 rocket.

The drone was developed by the Boeing company. At the moment there are only two such apparatus. First recently returned to Earth after two years in orbit.

SpaceX запустит секретный беспилотник ВВС США

The purpose of the X-37B is classified, however, earlier the Pentagon had planned to spend with it, the number of tests associated with the study of properties of materials and how they change in space.

In 2016, SpaceX signed a contract with the U.S. air force, under which the company Elon musk has put into orbit two satellites by 2018.

A month ago, the company began execution of another contract concluded with the National Agency and the military space intelligence of the USA, and delivered into orbit a classified satellite, the name and purpose of which is still not disclosed.

Earlier Корреспондент.net understood what is known about the secret United States spaceship and its mission.

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