Spanish journalist: Linnet came to Seville in the star

Испанский журналист: Коноплянка пришел в Севилью в статусе звезды

Linnet – one of the highest paid players in the team

AS a journalist Daniele Lago talked about the situation of Yevhen Konoplyanka in Seville.

“Linnet came to Seville in the star, which our club is taken away from under the noses of the competitors, of Liverpool, for example. Eugene is one of the highest salaries among the players on the team. On the same level with Fernando Llorente. Exact figure I don’t know. But, roughly, we are talking about 3-4 million euros a year,” said Lago.

“Legionaries of Seville in the contract there is no clause that would oblige them to learn Spanish, and therefore be fined for not knowing they are impossible. Moreover, Eugene teaches the language, engaged with Tutors. He understands that we cannot do without them. And all because Unai emery – well, a very talkative coach! He commented on each step the players during training. The first successes have Linnets in learning Spanish already, but it is still insignificant. He can say a few phrases in Spanish, commenting on the outcome of the match. Interviews in Spanish while he can not afford”, – said the journalist about the linnets penalty for ignorance of the Spanish language.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that Konoplyanka joined UNICEF.

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