Spending on the army need to increase in a billion dollars

Траты на армию требуют увеличить на миллиард долл

The army require 112 billion next year

Next year the needs of the defense sector need 112 billion, while last year was allocated 86 billion.

In 2019 the Armed forces of Ukraine requires funding of at least 112 billion. In an interview with BBC News Ukraine reported the chief of the General staff – Chief of the armed forces Victor Majenko.

“We felt that it should be worth about 112 billion. This is the minimum requirement for the army. And we still give indicators 82 billion UAH. This is clearly not enough to keep the Mat in a state of combat readiness, I’m not talking about increasing opportunities,” he said.

According Muzhenko, currently there is an outflow of military personnel, including from-for material problems that will have serious consequences for the operational readiness of the armed forces.

The chief of staff explained that because of the dismissal of the army recruited new contractors who need to prepare, but after some time they also quit.

“Our research shows that the basic money supply for the military should be 15 thousand (UAH). We now have 7 thousand, this figure should increase at least twice. Then it will be a decent level of financial compensation for all the inconvenience and the tension that they are experiencing”, he said.

The chief of staff also pointed out that the front but this situation is not affected, because there are cash payouts are much larger.

As reported, in January to June, resigned 11 thousand officers and contractors who had military experience, and another 18 thousand would have to resign before the end of 2018. From the beginning military service under the contract in Mat 17 thousand people.

Note, in 2018, defense spending has grown by almost 25% to 86 billion hryvnia.


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