SPF: Stop the Odessa port is a temporary measure

ФГИУ: Остановка Одесского припортового – временная мера

Odessa port plant

In the state property Fund, commented on the bus stop OPP.

A planned suspension of activities of the Odessa port plant will not have negative consequences for the plant workers. This is stated in the statement of the state property Fund of Ukraine on Friday, December 30.

The Fund promised that all social guarantees and commitments almost 4 thousands employees are met.

“Stop the SCR is a temporary measure, thanks to which you will be able to prevent the generation plant huge losses associated with the high price of gas and the negative situation on the market of mineral fertilizers is not a profitable activity”, – stated in the SPF.

Recall that the work of the Odessa port plant was stopped on 30 December 2016.