Spong told about preparation for fight with the Mustache

Tyrone plans to explore all the Boxing skills of Ukrainian.

Dutch boxer Tyrone Spong has shared his expectations from the upcoming match against the debutant of a super heavyweight Alexander Usik.

“How is the preparation for this meeting? I think that everyone can have their opinion on how to prepare for battle. I personally know that in the ring there will be neither his team nor mine. There we’ll stay just the two of us. The only thing we have to do to box. That’s what I plan to do.

For this you need to prepare well. You need to constantly progress and learn all the skills of the opponent. You need to understand that in the ring can happen, anything”, – quotes the words of Spong Boxeo De Colombia.

We will remind, the match will be held on October 12 in the American Chicago.

Previously held the official announcement of the fight the Tendril – Spong. Tickets for the match cost from $ 40.

According to the materials: