Sport Life sport life-partner of a major marathon Wizz Air

Sport Life - фитнес-партнер масштабного марафона Wizz Air

Sunday morning was memorable for the residents and guests of the capital with thousands of runners, preodolevaya race the streets of Kiev.

This weekend your endurance and training checked out by thousands of professional and novice athletes.

For the ninth time our city hosts a marathon Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon – a world-class event, and proves that Kiev – the capital of sport! Sport Life is always on the side of those who support a healthy lifestyle. That is why the company made the official fitness partner of sport.

Kristina Ivchenko – the press-Secretary of group of companies Sport life: “We see more than ten thousand participants in the marathon. Cheerful, positive, for which it is important to be healthy, to motivate other people to spread the trend to participate in sports activities. That is why Sport life supported the marathon. All the lovers in the sports people – our supporters and friends, we have a common goal – that the Ukrainians were an example of a healthy and happy nation. Each of the participants of the marathon has its own goal for what to run, but the key aspect that unites all, regardless of gender and age. This is the love of the sport.”

Sport Life - фитнес-партнер масштабного марафона Wizz Air



Marathon is the opportunity to experience and overcome himself, to enjoy fellowship with supporters of the sport. Preparation for sports day includes constant training and support to good physical shape.Route sporting events ran in one circle, the start and finish of all races was in the heart of Kiev – Khreschatyk. In the program for each marathon had its own distance, all six individual races: 42, 21, 5 km charity race: 5 kilometers.

Partners of the event were awarded participants of the useful gifts, in particular the network of fitness clubs Sport Life presented to the winners of the gift passes to the sports club in order to motivate the participants to pay attention to the sport between the marathons.

Sport Life - фитнес-партнер масштабного марафона Wizz Air



Dmitry chernitskii – General Manager Run Ukraine: “teaming up with different areas such as fitness, charity, we involve to run different audience of people. So today a partnership, which gives the possibility of creating something big and important for the population. As the company Sport life is the leader in the industry of fitness, we are a leader among cross-country events, this friendship helps us to bring new people in fitness and running.”

Sport Life - фитнес-партнер масштабного марафона Wizz Air



Also in the framework of the Kyiv marathon is traditionally held Family Run, which was attended by family teams in any composition, even parents with young children, and children’s races at distances of 1000 m, 500 m and 100 m.

Overall, the event was attended by about 12 000 people. The runners category is very diverse. Among them – veterans and soldiers of the ATO, volunteers, public figures, parents with kids in strollers.

To support the sports movement in Ukraine – honorable, it allows you to raise healthy people. And now it’s important to be healthy because it’s one of the main pillars of a harmonious life.