Spy war. The struggle of special services of Ukraine and Russia

Шпионские войны. Борьба спецслужб Украины и РФ

In Russia they say that Ukraine stole their military out of Crimea.

Between Ukraine and Russia, the confrontation of the secret services.

In Russia occasionally arrest people who are called Ukrainian saboteurs.

On the eve of Ukraine also responded and detained two Russian servicemen. Though they were former Ukrainian servicemen who defected after the annexation of Crimea.

In Russia they say that the Ukrainian special services have stolen military directly from the Peninsula. SBU denies everything.

Correspondent.net has gathered information about the war of the detention.

Would-be deserters

The defense Ministry said that the day 20 November, the SBU detained and taken out from the Crimea on the territory of Mykolaiv oblast of the Russian soldiers – warrant officer Maxim Odintsov and younger Sergeant of contract service of Alexander Baranov.

The security Service of Ukraine claim about the arrest of deserters after crossing the border at the checkpoint Chongar.

In relation to these two men of SBU investigates criminal proceedings under article “desertion” and “treason” of the Criminal code of Ukraine. To them threatens till 15 years of imprisonment.

Russia claims that former Ukrainian military, who changed the oath, allegedly enticed to the point “Dzhankoy”, to send the certified documents confirming higher education in universities of Ukraine.

“Immediately after Maxim Odintsov and Alexander Baranov in the Russian Federation, the military personnel were detained by representatives of the security service and taken to the Nikolaev area of Ukraine”, – said the representative of the black sea fleet.

The head of Russian foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov has stated that it was a provocation.

“We believe that it was an illegal provocation committed by the special services of Ukraine on the territory of the Russian Federation in respect of Russian citizens. Our law enforcement agencies”, – he said.

Who are

SBU detained military servicemen served in one piece and were the same age, reports the website of the Peacemaker.

So, Maxim Odintsov did military service in the Naval forces of Armed Forces of Ukraine on the territory of Crimea and arrived on the mainland territory of Ukraine in the specified collection points. Went to military service to the Russian Federation.

Шпионские войны. Борьба спецслужб Украины и РФ

Maxim Odintsov

Before the occupation, served in military unit А1100 (village novofedorivka) posts: senior aerial gunner helicopter detachment helicopter squadron.

On his Facebook page has photos from Peter, dated October of this year. Holds the rank of ensign. He was born 25 APR 1983 in Crimea.

Another detainee, a 33-year-old Alexander Baranov. As Odintsov before the occupation, served in part А1100 in the village novofedorivka, on the post planetist command post of the regiment. He was born in Kanev of Cherkasy region, lives in the Crimea. Rank – Sergeant.

Doubtful disappearance

The main difference of the versions of the Russian and Ukrainian sides about Baranov and Odintsov — the circumstances of their entering the territory of Ukraine.

Russia says he was kidnapped, and Ukraine – that have crossed the border voluntarily.

In the Russian “Novaya Gazeta” noted that both options are questionable.

To cross the border of Crimea and Ukraine from the Peninsula you can either Ukrainian passport, or — with special permission of the Ukrainian migration service.

Although both men could save the Ukrainian documents.

“The security Service of Ukraine has no real possibility to steal the person on the Peninsula and to transport it to Ukraine, — told “Novaya Gazeta” the former assistant to the first Deputy Chairman of the Government of Crimea Vladimir Garnachuk. The only theoretical loophole is the lake of Sivash, but the experience of the first “Ukrainian saboteurs” (detained in August) already showed that and this place by the Russian border guards covered. At checkpoints currently under inspection, not allowing the bypass of the will of man to carry it across the border. Everyone should get out of the car and go through the search process. The car is also inspected. I have no doubt that the sheep and Odintsov went through the “Chongar” with Ukrainian passports. Yes, many troops in the Crimea in force frivolous approach to this issue by military leadership, remained a Ukrainian passport”.

Have someone to change

In Crimea, Russia has already twice delayed the so-called Ukrainian saboteurs. Ukraine categorically denied that the detainees had served in the armed forces.

The last time on 10 November, Russian security services announced the capture of three “Ukrainian saboteurs” in occupied Sevastopol. Detainees were former military experts.

Shtyblikov Dmitry and Alexey Bessarabov to 2014, he worked as military experts “Nomus”.

21 November in Simferopol arrested the two defendants in the case of preparing acts of sabotage in Crimea — Colonel Alexei Stogniy and captain 2 rank Gleb Sable.

The speaker of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine on ATO Andrei Lysenko commented on the latest information about the arrest in Crimea of Ukrainian saboteurs: “the FSB just came in the military Commissariat, where are the records of these reserve officers to raise them and then publicly appoint “Ukrainian saboteurs”. It is clear that these people have some sort of training, but they are not real soldiers, including APU.”

In August, Russia declared that supposedly prevented the breakthrough to the Crimea two subversive groups in Ukraine. Then he was arrested two Ukrainians.

Perhaps the detainees Baranova and Odintsova will be able to exchange for some of the Ukrainians.

Spy Thriller

On 14 November it became known about the disappearance in Kyiv of the former officer of FSB of Russia Ilya Bogdanov.

Bogdanov was a career officer in the FSB, in 2014, took the side of Ukraine, participated in the fighting in the Donbass as a fighter “Right sector”, in particular, held in the control tower of the Donetsk airport about a month. Bogdanov received the citizenship of Ukraine.

On 18 November the head of SBU Vasyl Hrytsak said that the Ukrainian law enforcement officers prevented the murder of Bogdanov criminal group controlled from Russia.

According to him, Bogdanov was kidnapped in Kiev and brought to Kharkiv. According to the plan of curators, it was supposed to kill, and the corpse to smuggle in Russia.