Srna: we will fight for all the trophies until the end

Срна: Будем бороться за все трофеи и до конца

Srna optimistic at the end of the season

Shakhtar’s captain Darijo Srna shared his expectations from the end of the season.

“You know, flight and travel a lot, but all is forgotten when you have a good mood! After Braga we forget how many and where they were flying. So after the victory everything is forgotten, and when a bad result, of course, hurts even more. The power we have. A lot of players. Now with the Olympic we saw: we not 11 people, and 22. They can leave at any time, to show good football and Shakhtar to win the match,” – said Srna.

“We will not sacrifice the domestic League for the Europa League. We will fight for all until the end,” said Horvath.

“We have no problems, when I speak in European competition cheering for us. The reason for this decision is not to fly from Lviv to Zaporozhye, because before and after we are going to have matches with Sevilla. So decided not to waste time. One flight means a lot. I believe that good will be a real Derby, and let the citizens decide for whom to cheer,” said Srna.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that Shakhtar will take Dynamo in Lviv.

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