SSES has found violations in 900 public institutions

ГСЧС нашла нарушения в 900 общественных заведениях

Gschs found hundreds of thousands of violations of fire safety in public places

In Ukraine since the end of March there are mass checks of fire safety of shopping centres, hospitals, kindergartens and schools.

The state service for emergency situations on the results of inspections for compliance with the requirements of technogenic and fire safety, sent to court 891 the claim to suspend the operation of the Mall, hospitals, kindergartens and schools. On Thursday, August 16, reported on the website of gschs.

In particular, it is proposed to close 272 shopping centers, 63 hospitals with inpatient treatment, 556 kindergartens and schools.

“Unscheduled inspection of technogenic and fire safety in 33,392 thousand institutions, of which: 26,739 thousand primary and secondary schools; 1,829 thousand healthcare institutions with inpatient care; 4,824 thousand trade companies (shopping centers, multi-functional buildings and complexes), cultural and entertaining institutions”, – stated in the message.

As noted, violation of fire safety requirements and failure to comply with the proposed requirements of territorial bodies of SES measures are brought to administrative responsibility 32,683 thousand heads of agencies and responsible officials. “Also on the results of audits submitted to the administrative court 891 petition to suspend the operation of facilities”, – stated in the message.

In particular, the results of audits of SEC 82,376 thousand revealed violations; preschool and educational institutions identified 309,26 thousand violations; health care institutions with inpatient treatment identified 32,221 thousand violation.

Recall, a massive inspection of places of a mass congestion of people in Ukraine began on 30 March.

Previously, the management of gschs in Kiev appealed to the administrative court with the requirement to suspend the work of 33 shopping centers, kindergartens, schools and hospitals in the capital.


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