Stadia from Google. Revolution for video game streaming

Stadia от Google. Революция видеоигр за стримингом

Cloud service Stadia will play anything on anything

Beat the game with any requirements on the highest setting you can, regardless of power of a PC, tablet or smartphone.

Google has introduced a revolution in the gaming industry – cloud service Stadia, through which gamers worldwide will be able to play the latest games at maximum settings on any computers, smartphones, or tablets without thinking about their performance and system requirements.

Stadia gives you the ability to run games on remote power of Google, receiving from the servers of the video stream. That is, to play any new product that you do not “pull” a PC is enough to have a stable Internet connection and a subscription to the service. Корреспондент.net tells details.



“We realized that we can transfer the best games on any device with Google Chrome browser and Internet connectivity,” said CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai.

The company promises a stable picture in 4K resolution and 60fps, and over time, upgrade to 8K and 120fps. PC for games in a similar quality will cost huge money, and competitors PlayStation 4 and Xbox One PRO X support 4K only for a certain list of games.

Demonstration of Stadia was carried out on the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

The subscription price is unknown yet, but Google said that Stadia will start working already this year in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Unfortunately, Ukraine is in the list of the first wave missed.

Google is not the first company that took the idea to create a similar service, however, these projects did not work quite correctly – their main problem was the long delay in the broadcast pictures even with good Internet.

To approach the solution of this problem, the company helped the controller Google. You can use the classic setup of a keyboard and mouse, and corporate controller. The button layout is classic, in the style of the PlayStation Dualshock.

Stadia от Google. Революция видеоигр за стримингом



Feature Gorlovskogo controller that it connects directly to Google servers, eliminating the delay. However, this still does not remove the problem of the delay of the video due to Internet speed. The device has a 3.5 mm headphone plug, unlike the Google Pixel.

Google also showed a rather interesting opportunity – after watching any gameplay video button will appear to Play at Stadia, clicking on which the game start will start in a few seconds.

Stadia от Google. Революция видеоигр за стримингом



First available game for the service will be Eternal Doom. As reported by the creators, they managed to port the game in just two weeks.

The Corporation believes that the future of gaming is in streaming games. This idea has great prospects, because this alternative will allow you to get rid of a huge system units, a thick and expensive gaming laptops.

What can we say about gaming on smartphones and tablets it will solve two problems at once – relatively low power devices and the difficulty in porting games from other platforms.

On the broadcast of Odyssey AC tests were carried out at Internet speed 25 Mbps. Now this speed can achieve 4G mobile network.

In addition, the development of Stadia contributes to the rapid growth of the popularity of 5G is already in the top flagships of this year, there are modems with support of networks of the fifth generation.

The head of video game company Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot, also repeatedly emphasized in his interviews that we are in the last generation of gaming consoles, followed by the generation of streaming.

Despite periodic rumors of streaming consoles from Microsoft, everything pointed to the fact that reality it can be seven years.

Google made the first move and is already out on the market. However, it will be really time will show and the reaction of Apple and Amazon. First said earlier that she has plans on the gaming industry, the second, according to some, is also developing its own streaming service for video games.


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