Start powerful Chinese missiles failed

The cause of the launch failure is unknown.

In China failed launch of the powerful Chinese carrier rocket Changzheng-5 (long March 5), reports Xinhua news Agency.

The cause of the launch failure is not called. To investigate the incident created expert Commission.

Changzheng-5 was launched from the spaceport Wenchang in Hainan province July 2 at 19.23 local time. The rocket was put into orbit a communications satellite Lizzani-18.

It was the second launch of a Great approach-5. The first was successfully held in early November of last year. Then the carrier rocket put into orbit an experimental satellite Lizzani-17.

16 may it was reported that the test of the American rocket engine BE-4, designed to replace the Russian RD-180 failed.

Great campaign-5 – China’s largest carrier rocket of new generation. Its height is 56,97-meter-diameter core stage – five meters. According to scientists, when it was created was used by over 200 of new technologies.


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