Start! With whom Ukraine to fly in space

Стартуем! С кем Украина летает в космос

Ukrainian production takes an active part in space exploration.

The Ukrainian space program is a leader in the world. In Ukraine there are about 40 major companies involved in the aerospace sector.

After the collapse of the USSR was that Russia and Ukraine in the space sector are closely related. Until 2014, Russia remained the largest space partner of Ukraine.

For example, from Russian spaceports Ukrainian carrier rocket Dnepr launched into orbit 54 of the spacecraft 14 countries, including the United States.

On December 5 Ukrainian engine, specially created for the European space Agency, launched a carrier rocket Vega, which put into orbit a Turkish satellite.

Корреспондет.net decided to see who Ukraine helps to conquer space.


Ukraine has developed and built for the European space Agency, the RD-843, which now go into space carriers Vega.

Ukrainian is the main engine for the upper stage, AVUM European missiles.

Last time RD-843 raised Vega 5 December 2016. From Kourou in French Guiana took place on the successful launch of the European carrier rocket with the Turkish intelligence satellite Gokturk-1. He was the eighth in the programme.

But the EU wants to abandon the toxic fuel that is used in the Ukrainian RD-843. Now comes the negotiations with Germany on the establishment of replacement of Ukrainian missiles.



Sea launch

Floating cosmodrome Sea launch belong to the international consortium Sea Launch, management and financing of which is provided by US.

Ukraine holds a 15 percent stake, and its main role is the production of rockets Zenit-3SL.

In 2009, the company announced its bankruptcy, however, in 2011, the launches resumed.

To 2013 from Sea launch launched 31 missiles. Two runs were unsuccessful.

Now Sea launch is conserved, but to resume the launch is planned in 2018.


In the design and manufacture of the American rocket Antares the active participation of Ukrainian state-owned enterprises.

Yuzhmash and the South developed the first stage of the rocket, but also produce fuel tanks and related equipment.

The main purpose of Antares was the launch of the cargo spacecraft Cygnus to the International space station.

A total of five launches, one of which was unsuccessful.


Asia and Latin America


China is considering the participation of Ukrainian state enterprises into ambitious Lunar space program.

For India, Ukraine produces engines for rockets. Also the Ukrainian-Indian relations are developing in the production of rocket fuel.

Egypt ordered the Ukraine, the construction and launch of the satellite.

Algeria is in the discussion status. Negotiations are also underway with Mexico.


Promising but unsuccessful


Ukraine has designed a rocket complex Cyclone-4, which includes just the carrier rocket and the ground, providing training run on the cosmodrome.

Стартуем! С кем Украина летает в космос


It was intended to launch the Brazilian cosmodrome in Alcantara. In this also were interested in Japan and Spain.

But in April 2015 the project was stopped due to the release of Brazil from it.

Now Ukraine is looking to the United States and Canada partners who could invest in the project Cyclone-4.


Japanese satellite, Nano-Jasmine in 2016, was put into orbit the Ukrainian media Cyclone-4, but due to release Brazil from the project launch has not yet taken place.

Стартуем! С кем Украина летает в космос


Together with the Japanese spacecraft into orbit was out of the Ukrainian scientific-research satellite Microsat.

Стартуем! С кем Украина летает в космос


Japan also invited Ukrainian experts and students in a competition for the development of the satellite constellation.

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