Started the next set in the patrol police of Kiev and Odessa

Стартовал очередной набор в патрульную полицию Киева и Одессы

The Head Of National Police Sergey Knyazev

In Kiev and Odessa started the next set in the patrol police. Kiev is planning to recruit 770 people and 500 people for Odessa. This was during the briefing said the head of national police Sergey Knyazev.

“In the new set we plan to recruit police officers 1270, 750 of which are for police patrol Kiev and Odessa 500. Police will recruit for two posts: in reinforced patrols, with an in-depth physical training, and traffic police,” – said Knyazev.

The Prince also expressed confidence that after the next set, whose main purpose to recruit staff for the traffic police, the situation on the roads of the country will be able to align.

Requirements to the candidates, the stages of competitive selection and a list of required documents for participation in the competition published on the site of the patrol police.

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