Starvation affects life expectancy − scientists

Голодание влияет на продолжительность жизни − ученые

Fasting has a positive effect on life expectancy

Moderate fasting slows age-related changes.

Scientists from the Harvard school of public health in Boston found that intermittent fasting improves the processes of energy metabolism in cells. Extracts from scientific works published on the portal EurekAlert.

During the study of metabolic processes in organism nematode Caenorhabditis elegans, the researchers came to the conclusion that one of the causes of aging is the dysfunction of mitochondrial networks, which are responsible for important mechanisms of physiological regulation and energy metabolism.

Over time, networks become useless and begin to produce free radicals, toxic cells and in violation of metabolism, which, in particular, becomes one of the causes of age-related diseases.

Biologists have found that reducing the number of calories consumed has a positive effect on the activity of mitochondrial networks and allows them a long time to stay in “good shape.”

Thus, according to scientists, moderate fasting slows age-related changes and increases life expectancy.

Fasting slows aging − the scientists

Earlier it was reported that fasting provokes intense hair growth.

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