State statistics Committee called the share of the communal expenses of citizens

Госстат назвал долю коммуналки в расходах граждан

The Ukrainians called the communal share of the monthly costs

In winter the share of utilities in monthly expenses of Ukrainians on average amounted to 13.7% or 1080 UAH.

The state statistics service released data sample surveys of household living conditions of Ukraine in the fourth quarter of 2018. It is reported by the state statistics Committee.

According to the statistical office, average monthly expenditure per household in the fourth quarter of 2018 was 7854 UAH per month.

For food products one farm spent 3 792 UAH per month (48.4% of total expenditures), non – food products-UAH 2 281 or 29.0%, services – UAH 1 156, or 14.6% (including for housing, communal products and services – 1080 UAH or 13.7%).

In addition, non-use of the cash expenditures amount to 625 UAH or 8.0% in the month.

In the fourth quarter of 2018 were interviewed 8051 economy. The average equivalent household size is 2.11 people.

We will note, in February, coping with debt increased by 6.8 billion hryvnia. Ukrainians owe for housing and communal services of 69.4 billion.

In Ukraine imposed fines for coping with debt


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