State statistics service has calculated how much more expensive apartments for the year

Госстат подсчитал, на сколько подорожали за год квартиры

Housing in Ukraine is expensive

Secondary housing in Ukraine over the past year has risen by 4.5%. The primary market of residential real estate price growth was 4.7%. The most expensive one-bedroom apartment.

In 2017, the apartments on the secondary market rose compared with the year 2016 by 4.5% and in the primary market by 4.7%. This was reported on the official website of the State statistics service.

It is noted that in the secondary market most for 2017 rose one – bedroom apartments-9.7%. Two-bedroom apartments increased in price by 3%, and three – bedroom 2.2%.

Apartments in the primary market last year has risen by 4.7% compared with the year 2016. Most in the 2017 rose two-bedroom apartments – 6%. One-bedroom apartments increased in price by 3.8%, and three – bedroom 3.1%.

All data are presented excluding the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Sevastopol and part of the zone of the antiterrorist operation.

We will remind, in the capital illegally tried to build 62 houses.