State support to farmers will increase agricultural GDP by half – Martynyuk

Господдержка фермеров увеличит аграрный ВВП вдвое - Мартынюк

Maxim Martyniuk told about prospects of development of agrarian sector

In Ukraine launched a five-year program of state support of farmers, which will double the performance of the industry.

Thanks to the five-year program of public assistance for two years, the number of farmers in Ukraine may double, which will increase agricultural GDP from 6% to 12%. In an interview with the online edition told the first Deputy Minister of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine Maxim Martyniuk.

According to the Deputy Minister, to the system of subsidies returned after the abolition of the special VAT regime. Today, subsidies received only three livestock sectors – poultry, cattle and pig.

A disadvantage of the system of subsidies, said Martyniuk, is quasiactuarial VAT, which led to the enrichment of the rich and the greater impoverishment of the poor. Positive results programs support, he carried the suspension of the reduction in the number of cattle this year, and focused attention not only on the increase in the number of goals, but also improving the productivity of livestock.

First Deputy highlighted the main principles of state support:

• creation of points of growth in the agricultural sector;

• the main point should be animal;

• ensuring the long-term support to breeders in mind the duration of the production cycle and large investment capacity.

As told Martyniuk, a hallmark of current support programmes is the allocation of funds for farmers as a separate class of producers.

To double the figures of agricultural GDP, said Martyniuk, should lead and legalization already working farms. The task of the Government is to support these producers when they are out of the shadows.

According to Maxim Martyniuk, not just to distribute funds according to the directions. “The system of subsidies should be aimed solely at growth points, and only up to the moment when this support will be necessary”, – said the first Deputy.

Ukraine’s agriculture has to be profitable due to favourable climatic and economic conditions, said Martyniuk.

As reported, in six months export of Ukrainian agricultural products amounted to $8.6 billion.

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