Statement of Inter Media Group on the bill number 2766

Заявление Inter Media Group относительно законопроекта №2766

A bill that forces TV stations to buy films in the U.S. and Canada should not enter into force.

Inter Media Group believes that compliance with laws is a fundamental rule for the existence of a legal state. Believe that since the consideration of the bill No. 2766 by the Parliament repeatedly and violated the rules, the bill should not come into force. The facts of such violations is well known and has been repeatedly reported by the people’s deputies and experts. In particular, the Parliament registered a draft resolution on the cancellation of the decision: since there have been gross violation of regulations, the decision cannot be deemed to be accepted and be cancelled.

You can make the assumption that the procedure of consideration of the bill was deliberately violated to restrict competition on the Ukrainian market and providing preferences to manufacturers of TV programming of a number of countries. Among these States do not fall in some countries in Europe, Latin America, Asia, Australia, the products of which enjoyed success on the Ukrainian market.

Inter Media Group emphasizes that the introduction of any prohibitions restricts the rights of viewers, reduce television viewing, makes impossible the development of TV industry and lead to job cuts.