Station wagons Mercedes-Benz: measurement exceptional comfort and functionality

Универсалы Mercedes-Benz: измерение исключительного комфорта и функциональности

22 March 2017 in the framework of the restarting of promotion models Estate on the Ukrainian market, company “Avtokapital” three models of wagons from Mercedes-Benz. The much anticipated debut of celebrated C-Class Estate, E Class Estate, the CLA Shooting Brake.

Wagon from Mercedes-Benz boasts a strict and at the same time expressive and sporty design, innovative technology, variety of solutions and even greater, than his “brothers”-sedans, space. Exquisite interior design emphasizes the feeling of modern luxury thanks to the skillful accents in the design. Possessing these qualities, the estate reinforces its reputation as a vehicle for a variety of lifestyles. Moreover, the Estate provides the highest standards of safety raise efficiency to a new level thanks to the new engines.

Stylish and spacious Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate at the proper level continues the tradition of the C-Class estate now in its fourth generation, each of which at the time was a combination of sports performance and high practicality. In 2017, along with the C-Class sedan, modification of the Estate are offered for the Ukrainian market with radically new price positioning: customers will be able to take advantage of our special offer and benefit up to 12.5%.

Following the successful launch of the sedan the new E-Class celebrates its debut in the Ukraine-and sixth-generation station wagon of this model. Innovative technology and an impressive concept of space organization make it the most intelligent all-rounder in the history of Mercedes-Benz.

Very special in the background, station wagon, C-Class and E-Class looks model CLA Shooting Brake. More than two years the leitmotif in creating this vehicle for designers became emotional sensuality as an expression of modern luxury. The model is particularly progressive and expressiveness. A striking alternation of clear lines and large surfaces generates a distinctive visual effect that radically distinguishes the CLA Shooting Brake from other vehicles in related segments.

“Today, we proudly present three models of wagons from Mercedes-Benz. Despite contradictory opinions regarding the popularity of this segment in Eastern Europe, it is with great confidence I can say that the class of universals occupies a worthy niche in the car market. All presented models today Mercedes-Benz just confirmed the fact that the genuine passion for driving, comfort, functionality, and ecologically oriented technologies can be combined in the most organic way. For Mercedes-Benz cars in the station wagon are an integral part of the whole model range. While modification of the Estate – and E-Classes represent the best reincarnation sedans for use in everyday and order the model CLA Shooting Brake appeals to clients who are looking for a car with unique design and high practical value. I am convinced that, taking over the baton from sedans, so successfully launched, each in its segment, the model Estate will continue their history of success in the automotive market of Ukraine” – says Yaroslav Penetration, General Director of “AutoCapital”company.

The main characteristics and current prices for the C-Class Estate, E Class Estate, the CLA Shooting Brake is available on the official website of the company “Avtokapital”.

About company “Avtokapital”

On October 19, 2001 AutoCapital is the official importer of Mercedes-Benz cars in Ukraine General representation for Daimler AG and an integral part of the Corporation “UkrAVTO”. The main activities of the company are sales of new cars Mercedes-Benz and smart dealer network development and after sales service. The network of dealerships of the company has 23 offices in major cities of Ukraine. Our goal is to take care of the customers, to provide the highest level of service and to attract talented professionals to contribute the collective creative potential in the interests of our clients. “The best or nothing!”- famous words of Gottlieb Daimler. These words characterize the philosophy of the company AutoCapital and the principle of teamwork. We are proud to offer our customers the best vehicles with a worldwide reputation Mercedes-Benz. The care, respect and complete dedication are the main principles of the company “Avtokapital”.