Status of repairs per HUNDRED car owners will inform AudaWatch

О состоянии ремонта на СТО автовладельцев будет информировать AudaWatch

With reliable partnerships, service stations and insurance company can agree on the cost and timing of repair in one day.

If parts need to be ordered and will take them from afar – there may be a delay even of a few days, explain the experts. Meanwhile, the client, to be aware, in normal circumstances must get through to the service station and ask what’s wrong with his car.

To reduce the hassle for the customer, the market brought a special notification system AudaWatch. This is a collaboration Audatex Ukraine and IC “AXA Insurance”, which is designed to solve the problem of informing customers about the state of repair of the car.

“With this system, staff one HUNDRED, which operates our company may inform the client in automatic mode on all stages of car repair, ranging from admission, assessment of damage, all stages of passage through the shops of a HUNDRED and before the completion of the renovation,” – says Alexander Avvakumov, Director of Department of settlement of losses, IC “AXA Insurance”.

To connect to the system AudaWatch offer the customer when the car gets to a HUNDRED. There are several methods of notification – SMS, email messages and personal account on a special website.

“In AudaWatch there are different stages: fixation, harmonization of the bills with the insurance company and others. As soon as we acknowledge in the system of the completion of a certain stage, the customer sees the information. The status can stand as a shop foreman, and service consultant who leads this car. For example, our staff sees that the car went on the stage painting, then he, with the help of a QR code reads with auto hash tag, and puts a note in the system. Thus, the car owner knows where his car and once again not waste time and nerves on a HUNDRED calls”, – says Roman Tsvigun, service consultant, Department of repair, Porsche West.

There are also a HUNDRED, which not only put a note in the system, and upload photos, add in AXA. All costs for using the service AHA undertakes for clients and HUNDRED-partners of the insurer it is free.

AudaWatch deprives the car owner worries about repairing the car, facilitates and accelerates the work of a HUNDRED. But the insurance company and receives additional data for the analysis of the work of partners and service improvement.