Stavitsky said that the GPU was proposed to close his business in exchange for Finance with six zeros”

The ex-Minister of energy and coal industry Eduard stavytskyy said that the GPU offered him to close his business in exchange for Finance with six zero”. He stated this in an interview with Israeli TV channel ILand.

“Now in Ukraine there is a tough fight for who will be the attorney General. Since the end of January began to emerge representatives of the Prosecutor General with the proposals of case closure and the termination of criminal prosecution in exchange for the finances of six zeros, to testify to other people in Ukraine. First announced 5 million dollars, but from the debate it dropped to $ 2 million. They are also required to sign fabricated testimony on Yanukovych, Azarov, Arbuzov and Ivanyushchenko. In order to verify whether this contact is relevant to the Prosecutor’s office, we requested from them documents and they sent me a letter that Matios was later brought to the Ministry of justice of the state of Israel,” – said Stavitskiy.

During the broadcast stawicki showed documents which, in his opinion, can serve as proof of corruption schemes in the state office of public Prosecutor of Ukraine.

Ставицкий заявляет, что ГПУ предлагала закрыть его дело в обмен на "финансы с шестью нолями"

At the disposal of the ex-Minister of energy and coal industry this letter was supposedly well before the visit, the military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios in Israel. Stavytskyi in an interview claims that this letter is passed to the representatives of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, to show what can happen if Stavitsky refuse to pay bribes “six zeros”.

“This is a banal blackmail to extortion. I was given to understand that if I do not cooperate with extortionists, they will direct this letter to the authorities of Israel and I have to answer the hard questions. Strange things happen. Against me start one every now and then, and assign different procedure rooms. We filed many motions about wanting to testify, but they were not interested to continue the investigation in Israel. Somehow, the military Prosecutor sharply interested my person, although this is not his “parish”. He needs to deal with issues, which, unfortunately, he has a lot of military action in the ATO zone, smuggling and so on”, – noted ex-the Minister of energy and coal industry.