Stay in the NPT. Photos with the only resort

Отдых в ДНР. Фото с единственного курорта

The Network has shown how summer vacation goes in the breakaway Republic.

The village of Sedove, Donetsk region with the beginning of the war in the Donbas as the only suitable for Maritime activities on the territory occupied by the separatists.

Users of Facebook share their pictures from vacation on the Azov sea in the Sedov.

Judging by the photos of the beaches in the village are empty.

According to the OSCE, the separatists of the DPR has banned members of the observation mission journey in the direction of sedovo and stated that the settlement is “border area, which has a special status of entry and exit”.

Отдых в ДНР. Фото с единственного курорта


Recall that in the zone of the antiterrorist operation the separatists over the past day 26 times broke the truce, as a result of blasting on a mine one Ukrainian military was killed, another injured.