Steel can be removed from the championship of Ukraine

Сталь может сняться с чемпионата Украины

Vardan Israelyan

The future of the Comenius club at the moment is questionable.

Recently, there appeared information about the fact that the Steel of the Comenius may be charged with UPL, and at the moment the club decides whether he will participate in the competition at all.

As reported the club has debts before players for four full months. At the same time, Steel was one of the first was licensed and received a certificate for participation in the next season of the Ukrainian Premier League.

And although the President of the club Vardan Israelian has denied this information, the source claims that debts to players still exist, although the club yet this problem is not engaged. In addition, the participation of Steel in the championship next season at this point is in question.

It is reported that the team will gather on June 17, and then the leaders promised to announce the players of the final decision on the future of the club. Meanwhile, the players themselves do not know what will happen with the Steel next season, and getting information from the media.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the head coach Became Leonid Kucuk resigned from his post, and his successor is still unknown.

According to the materials: