Stepanchuk called the main task for the Parliament

Стефанчук назвал главную задачу для Верховной Рады

Ruslan Stefanchuk believes that the current regulation of the activities of the Parliament significantly limits the decision-making

The current regulations of the Parliament is “a blood clot for any questions” said the first Vice-speaker of the Parliament.

The new regulations of the Verkhovna Rada – is the main task for the Parliament of the ninth convocation. This was stated by first Vice-speaker Ruslan Stefanchuk reporters before the meeting of the servant of the people in the CVAC Park, UKRINFORM reported on Thursday, September 5.

“Our number one priority – we discussed at the management level of the Verkhovna Rada, with the chairmen and Vice-chairmen of our party, chairmen of committees to develop new regulations, which would have been a set of procedures that would have provided the opportunity, while preserving the rights of the majority and the opposition to ensure the quick and dynamic review. Because otherwise, we will become, again, in a legal jam, where the process for the process where the code is entered and any “dies” under five thousand amendments. This should not be”, – said Stepanchuk.

First Vice-speaker added that the current regulations are Pleased is the “blood clot for any questions”.

“If it gets any initiative and have a desire, you will never in my life faster than a year or two it will not hold,” added Stepanchuk.

Earlier it became known that the Verkhovna Rada should adopt new voting system Rada-4 after the winter holidays. She will react to fingerprints.

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