Stepanenko: Seleznyov realized their mistake

Степаненко: Селезнев осознал свою ошибку

Taras Stepanenko

Ukraine midfielder Taras Stepanenko commented on the challenge in the camp of the national team Selezneva and Butko

Ukrainian midfielder spoke about how the team met Butko and Seleznev. In addition, he gave an assessment of their transition in the Russian clubs.

“Met them, as their friends and partners. Showed maximum support. In my opinion, everyone has the right to be wrong. Nobody is immune to it, all wrong. The main thing to be able to learn from their mistakes, because the negative experience is too experience. If the player proves their worth with the game and seeks to serve the national team, giving it all one hundred percent, not to take him because he made a mistake, according to me, wrong. Eugene Seleznyov realized their mistake, returned to Ukraine and is ready to work for the benefit of the state.

About Bohdan Butko… He went in Russia for a long time, even before the complications of the situation. Now his game has earned the chance to play in the national team. Whether he will go to the European championship or not is up to the coaches. That man has earned the right to get to the expanded list – obviously. Therefore in the invitation of these guys don’t see anything wrong, on the contrary – we have not so many skilled players, to be scattered by them” – began the Ukrainian midfielder.

Taras Stepanenko believes that players who will not get in a final bid for Euro should not give up.

“It’s a sport and everyone needs to understand that in the application fall 23. Someone will have to leave the national team, and there is nothing to worry. In this situation, I was four years ago. Nothing survived. You should never be discouraged: in any case, it’s not the end of the world. It is always necessary to find a positive: he who will not go to the European championship, more rest with their relatives and better recover before the new season. This life does not end, we must understand that there is a level of a player is his age.

I think that the coaching staff will be to pay attention. And for someone who the way they expressed themselves during the qualifying round, who showed himself in the club competitions. Everything is taken into account, not just one fee. The selection process lasted a long time, many people took part in it, and I think this is a defining moment. On the other hand, the current sports form football also plays an important role. As we said, always in the club, Mircea Lucescu, what is important is that there is now, what was is history.

In General, all the guys are in proper functional condition, have been injured. There is a slight micro-damage, but I think they would not want to show their best qualities. Why the coaching staff would have to break your head over who to take to final application,” – concluded Stepanenko.


The same news on Stepanenko: “Seleznyov realized their mistake, returned to Ukraine and is ready to work for the benefit of the state”

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