Stevenson: it’s Not my fault that Kovalev jumped

Стивенсон: Не моя вина, что Ковалев соскочил

Adonis Stevenson (center)

The world champion in light heavyweight WBC version Adonis Stephenson said that he considers himself the strongest in the category, though not met with the other Champions.

“I am king. Criticism doesn’t bother me. I have four years champion. All this talk means nothing. Not my fault that Kovalev jumped out of the battle. Not my fault that Hopkins went to HBO. I do not worry and do not listen to critics. I’m the king of the light heavyweight division. And when you’re the king, you, of course, be criticized. People don’t like it, and they talk, talk, talk. Can talking, I’m still the champion”, – quotes the words of Adonis Stevenson with reference to The Montreal Gazette.

Note that Adonis Stevenson has convincingly won the rematch with Andrzej Fonfara.

See also video of the fight between Adonis Stevenson and Andrzej Fonfara.

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