Stocks of anthracite in Ukraine for the year increased by one third

Запасы антрацита в Украине за год выросли на треть

Ukraine increased its reserves of anthracite coal.

Stocks of anthracite in Ukraine increased by 180 thousand tons, compared to last year. This was stated by Minister of energy Igor Nasalik on a conference call of the Cabinet, reports the Economic truth.

According to the Minister, at the moment coal reserves amount to 2.7 million tons. In particular, 2.2 million tons of coal of the gas group, and 0.66 million anthracite.

“Last year today we had 480 thousand tons. So now we have 180 thousand tons more than last year, despite all the problems that we had,” said Stretcher.

“Today almost everything: DTEK, and utility companies, and Donbasenergo is contracted and the supply of anthracite coal is growing every day. The only one who somewhat slow, for example, completes the tender procedure is Centrenergo. But in connection with the trip leader Centrenergo in the US, I think, the issue of Centrenergo will be solved “, – he added.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the authorities want to abandon coal-anthracite coal by 2019.

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