Stone’s film “Ukraine in flames” appeared on the network (video)

Фильм Стоуна "Украина в огне" появился в сети (видео)

The film “Ukraine in flames” by Oliver stone the day of the show broke the record for hits (video)

The full version of the documentary Oliver stone’s “Ukraine in the fire” Russian translation published on YouTube on 21 November, the third anniversary of the Maidan.

On the same day the film by American Director showed a Russian channel REN TV. For the day of the premiere he broke the record for hits. The size of the audience that watched it at the same time, amounted to about 15%. A large part of the audience – visitors coming to the page from IP addresses registered in Ukraine, noted on the website of the channel.

The film “Ukraine in flames” is devoted to the protests on the Maidan in Kiev in late 2013 — early 2014 Interview for the film stone gave former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The painting was presented to the world this summer and was awarded the title of best documentary film at the film festival in Taormina (Sicily).

In Ukraine there have been calls to prevent the showing of this film due to the fact that it allegedly twisted the facts about the realities of Euromaidan.