Stop for an hour. In Ukraine boycotted the gas station

Остановка на час. Как в Украине бойкотировали АЗС

So the action took place in the river

In Ukraine, the rapidly rising price of gasoline, on October 8 at the STEL of the gas stations have price tags 35 and even 36 hryvnia for liter of 95 octane. The drivers decided to fight such actions with the boycott.

Throughout Ukraine, held a protest “Boycott the price of gas.” From 9 to 10 a.m. October 11 drivers stopped on the road and honked, expressing dissatisfaction with the rising prices of fuel for cars.

The initiative was supported by not only the owners of cars but also the drivers of taxis and buses, trucks. will tell you how took action, and why, in fact, more expensive gasoline.

Why prices are rising

The price of petrol, diesel and automotive gas are rising for a second month in a row. Only last week, gasoline and diesel fuel price of 1 hryvnia per liter. Some gas stations a-95 gasoline is already more expensive 35 USD, and premium A-95 plus — and at 36.5 per USD.

Fuel is expensive because of rising oil prices and the weakening exchange rate of the hryvnia.

The Director of “Consulting group “A-95” Sergey Kuiun sure that if the oil price will rise to $ 100 per barrel, petrol a-95 in Ukraine to cost UAH 40/l and diesel fuel — UAH 38,5/L.

“In August oil was $ 72 per barrel, and now $ 85. It is clear that the rise in price by 15% immediately affected the prices of petroleum products,” — said Kuyun. According to him, the share of the oil component in the price of gasoline and diesel — about 40%. “That is, the increase in oil prices by 10% gives + 4% to the price tag on fuel,” — said the expert.

Остановка на час. Как в Украине бойкотировали АЗС

Gasoline prices in Ukraine


The essence of the protest against the price hike in gasoline prices is to stop from 09:00 to 10:00 on the road, thereby to paralyze the movement.

In Kiev on Thursday morning, drivers blocked part of the streets and highway at the entrances to the capital. So, traffic was blocked on the street Athletic, as well as on Victory Avenue.

The main forces of the activists and motorists were concentrated in the government quarter. On both sides of the street Grushevskogo parked several dozens of vehicles with stickers “Boycott the fuel prices!”, “No crazy fuel prices!”. Owners of cars loudly honking. Traffic for other transport is not covered.

In Odessa motorists at the entrance to the city, blocking the road around Two pillars. Due to the overlap formed a huge traffic jam at the entrance to the city.

Drivers Zaporozhye region also joined the campaign. The action took place in the Parking lot, near the building of Zaporizhzhya regional state administration. The event was attended by about 150 cars.

Traffic on Central Avenue, the Cathedral is not blocked. The organizers say they did not want to create inconvenience for residents.

The action also joined (supporting sound signal) and public transport drivers, but they did not stop at this vehicle.

“We offered to join the campaign to all the drivers of cars and taxis. Our demand is simple and it is addressed to the government. We demand lower fuel prices. Today, when the growth rates of fuel taxes are not reduced. They were artificially raised and today we are pegged to the Euro in taxes, and therefore artificial cheat course. We offered to motorists from 9 to 10 to stop their car, to hang up a poster of the Boycott the price of fuel and enable signals”, – said the organizer of the campaign, head ST Auto Euro Strength in Zaporozhye Vlad Pogorelov.

In the river the event was held on the waterfront of Victory. In connection with the boycott movement of trolleybuses was paralyzed, but after half an hour of the car removed so that the electric vehicle could pass. For passing the action was observed by patrol police.

Supported the campaign in Krivoy Rog. Cars are on the road, and drivers are buzzing out of the car and walk across the roadway.

“Gasoline 700 UAH – is chaos,” says one of the participants.