Stop Putin: Near the embassies of the Russian Federation held rallies

Стоп Путин: Возле посольств РФ прошли митинги

The campaign “Stop Putin” was held near the Russian Embassy

The campaign “Stop Putin’s war in Ukraine” was held in 65 cities around the world.

Under the Russian Embassy in Kiev on October 14 held a “Stop Putin’s war in Ukraine”, which simultaneously took place in 65 cities around the world. It is reported by Crimea.Realities.

“We want to remind you about an issue that concerns not only Ukraine, but also around the world. Russia – a country aggressor, for Ukraine it will not stop. Putin will not surrender, so all countries must unite. Only instead of succeed to win,” said one of the activists Taras Cosarciuc.

He also noted that Ukraine should not forget about the “political prisoners who are on the territory of Russia” and must cooperate in order they were released.

We will remind, in Kiev today held a “March of a Nation” and the March of glory of the Heroes.

Activists of the “Azov” lit the torches near the monastery