Store iOn, the official partner of Apple, will open its doors for residents

Магазин iOn, официальный партнер Apple, распахнет свои двери для киевлян

7 Dec in SEC Lavina Mall in Kiev will open a new store at iOn, which was the first in Ukraine an authorized representative of Apple Premium Reseller.

In the store area of 170 m2 will be located the stands with a complete assortment of the company: world-famous iPhone, AppleWatch, iPad, iMac and MacBook. As well as branded accessories from Apple, including high quality audio Beats. Broad demonstration tables you can test any of the new products listed categories. And in addition to get professional help sellers not only in selecting appropriate models but also in its settings and features.

All vendors network iOn have undergone full certification at Apple, they have the necessary knowledge on Apple products and related devices.

The interior of the stores iOn developed by Apple’s standards directly by specialists from the headquarters of the Corporation in Cupertino in the United States and implemented with precision to every detail. Furniture is made in Europe and brought from there, the parquet floor is from Canada and posted on the walls and special lighting panels with new products from Apple. Everything is created to fully immerse the visitors into the unforgettable atmosphere of the Corporation.

In stores iOn represented almost the entire range of Apple. The people of Kiev will now be able to get acquainted with world novelties from the manufacturer of one of the first in Ukraine, together with the inhabitants of other cities of Ukraine, where the already open stores iOn. Shares, which the company plans to big premieres, big events and holidays, will now be available to residents of Kiev.

Stores iOn in Ukraine according to the law promise to be a favorite for those who long been an admirer of the brand Apple, and for those who have not managed to make friends with the products of world famous brands.

Lifting the veil before the opening of the store in iOn Mall, Lavina Mall, we inform you that all customers during the first three days of opening will be available to the Apple at a very good price!

The iOn network is waiting for you and your loved ones on the store opening, which will take place on December 7 at 12:00 in the SEC Lavina Mall, Kyiv city, Berkovetskaya str., 6D.

Throughout the day will be played nice gifts, and in between you can enjoy the program with interesting facts, prize quizzes and demasoni, where artists will draw your portrait using the iPad and Apple super precise Pencil.

Come as a family and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Apple!