Strange “singing” of Arctic ice took video

Странное "пение" арктических льдов сняли на видео

The glacier started to make strange noises

Unusual buzz that represents a long continuous low frequency sound, recorded on video.

A group of scientists from the University of Colorado have discovered a strange “singing” the Antarctic ice shelves. It is a long continuous low frequency sound, which can cause quite a discomfort. About it writes Science Alert.

Later, the specialists were able to unravel the cause of the strange sounds. It turned out that their appearance is affected by the change of wind strength and air temperature.

The increase in temperature contributes to the destruction of the glacier and creates within him cracks. They, in turn, begins with the blowing wind, causing a strange sound. A continuous “organic” a buzz similar to the sound of the orchestra.

Earlier it was reported that catastrophically rapid melting of the glacier shown in the video, assembled from satellite photos.

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