Strelkov announced the creation of the movement for the annexation of Ukraine and Belarus to Russia

Стрелков заявил о создании движения за присоединение Украины и Белоруссии к России

One of the leaders of the militants in the Donbas, the former “defense Minister” of “DNR” and the leader of the capture of Slavyansk Igor Strelkov announced the creation of the movement for the annexation of Ukraine and Belarus to Russia, reports “Rain” with reference to a website headed by the militant organization “Novorossiya”.

The first Congress of the new Association “all-Russian national movement” was held on Saturday, may 28, where he published his political Declaration in which the purpose is stated “the revival of Russia as a Russian nation-state that serves the interests of the Russian nation”.

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In a move sure “land on which Russian people live, watered with the blood of the Russian people, have the right to return to Russia” and stands for “Association of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, and other Russian lands into a single Russian state and the transformation of the whole territory of the former USSR in the unconditional Russian zone of influence”.

Among other provisions, the release of political prisoners and the abolition of laws on control over use of the Internet. A separate line members of the Association declare that “to refuse the current political regime in support.”

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Recall that in the Hague Tribunal transferred to the “firing order”, signed personally by the ex-leader of the so-called “army of new Russia” Igor Girkin-Strelkov.

Earlier it was reported that in Russia, the demand to initiate proceedings against Igor Girkin-strelkov after his confession , the executions in the Donbass.

Note, back in January of last year in Belarus has published a new edition of the law “On martial law”. In it a military attack is “the sending by another state or States on the territory of Belarus armed gangs (groups), irregular forces, mercenaries or units of regular troops using armed force against the Republic of Belarus” by analogy with “the Crimean scenario” implemented by Russia on the Peninsula during the annexation.