Strike for teachers ‘ Day. The unhappy teachers

Забастовка к Дню учителя. Чем недовольны педагоги

In the New Ukrainian schools have forgotten about the salaries of teachers?

Teachers in Kiev reduced payments for intensity and prestige of the profession, the average is from 1,5 to 2 thousand hryvnias.

This week Ukraine celebrates the Day of the teacher. That’s just the teachers themselves to the feast prepared to protest.

The government reports on the increase in teachers ‘ salaries, but to them it is just underpaid. All Metropolitan teaching staff of institutions of secondary education will receive less from September to December a premium for the prestige. understood than unhappy teachers.

What is the salary

According to the state statistics, on average, educators get 6.4 per thousand. This is about 30% less than the national average salary. But such income can count not all.

For example, in Kiev school №280 looking for a teacher of Ukrainian language and literature. Salary – 4,4 thousand UAH. In another school of the capital on a salary of 3,7 thousand UAH (minimum) plan to take math teacher, according to the data of the register of vacancies employment Center.

In addition to the basic salary, teachers pay from 5% to 30% premium for “prestige”. From 10% to 30% given to those who work for more than three years (the amount depends on experience). In addition, there is classroom management, and checking notebooks. In sum, the teacher can reach the income of 6-8 thousand UAH.

Cut allowances

In Kiev, almost all teachers a premium for “prestige” cut from 30% to 5%. The last number is the minimum threshold. The local authority explains: the educational subsidy, which is allocated from the state budget, is not enough. To pay a premium, this year will have to find another 865 million, said at a meeting of Council the Chairman of the Commission on education Anna Starostenko.

“We have repeatedly appealed to the Central government with a proposal to increase subventions for the financing of institutions of secondary education. However, until now progress in this matter. According to the information of regional administrations, there is a risk that at the end of the year, some areas of the capital will not have sufficient funds to pay the salaries of teachers,” said Starostenko.

Already, schools in different regions received the letter, which reads: overhead is cut to keep the basic salary.

In addition, completely disappears allowance for the intensity of the work, which was 20%.

This means that from 1 September young teachers and educators will not receive 1,5 thousand hryvnias to his salary, and teachers of higher category – 2 thousand hryvnias.

In addition, the city teachers demand implementation of article 61 of the new education Act from 1 January next year, instead of 2023 as planned.

According to this document, teachers should receive $ 900, and young professionals – $ 500.


As of September 26 this year, teachers gathered more than 50 thousand signatures in support of the appeal to the Cabinet of Ministers with a request to increase educational grants for Kiev. Also, the unions decided to hold on October 4 in Kiev the protest action of teachers.

A community of educators for two decades fighting to the accrual of salaries for teachers has been changed, said the head of trade Union of education of Podilskyi district of Kyiv Galina Tkach. According to her, you need to create a grid of salaries, increase them and give up allowances that can be manipulated.

No money

The world Bank office in Ukraine, says that increasing wages for all teachers, in accordance with article 61, it is premature even in 2023. In their opinion, it is necessary to increase payments, when will the whole reform of education.

To increase teachers ‘ salaries next year, as demanded by the teachers, from the budget-2019 is necessary to allocate about UAH 110 billion, said Minister of education and science, Liliya Hrynevych.

According to her, this is impossible, because it would be a very significant part of the total educational budget of the country.

She also noted that next year all teaching staff will receive a salary increase of 9%.

Grinevich added that Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman instructed the State audit service to check, do not delay the power of teachers ‘ salaries and how it uses the money pledged to education.

The education Ministry held consultations with the KSCA and the government agreed to resolve the issue with the allowances for teachers. “They’ll find the funds in order to save all additional payments to teachers. Teacher’s salary will not decrease,” – said the Minister.

She said that the Kyiv city Council will make a reallocation in your budget to provide mandatory payments, and then any other operations with money.