Students will change the system of scholarships

Студентам изменят систему начисления стипендий

To cancel the scholarship will not say in the Cabinet

Earning rules will change with the new year.

From 1 January 2017 students will receive scholarships under a new system of accrual. This was announced by first Deputy Minister of education and science Mr Kovtunets, reports UNN.

“Obviously, the system will be changed scholarships. Scholarships (roughly I say that now) will get all the students for their extremely high academic achievements. May will be guaranteed a scholarship for engineering and natural Sciences … And academic scholarship to those who successfully learn, but the family has a low income. I emphasize: this is not a social scholarship, ” said Kovtunets.

He said scholarships would be a better order. “The fellowships will, but the order will be more efficient … It will be soon, and it should work from the first of January,” – said Kovtunets.

Earlier the people’s Deputy, Deputy head of the parliamentary Committee on education and science Alexander Spivakovsky said that the Finance Ministry offers the Ministry of education to cancel a scholarship for students.