Su-27 crashed during exercises in Ukraine. The main thing

Су-27 разбился на учениях в Украине. Главное

During the exercise the clear sky-2018 crashed Ukrainian fighter. Killed two pilots, one of whom is American.

In Ukraine during the exercise Clean sky-2018 was the collapse of the fourth generation fighter su-27. Both pilots were killed. Presumably one of the dead pilots – a soldier of the United States.

The incident occurred Vinitsky in the area near the village of Ulanov. According to eyewitnesses, the pilots took the plane from the village and sent into the field. Корреспондент.net tells details.


The su-27 killed Ukrainian and American

Su-27 crashed on 16 October at about 17.00 in the course of performing combat training flight as part of military exercises with NATO countries Clean sky-2018. Participate in USA, UK, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, the Netherlands, Poland and Romania.

The flight was Vinitsky in the area near the village of Ulanov between settlements and Berdichev chmielnik. Su-27 took off from the airfield of the city of Starokostiantyniv. According to the Ukrainian military portal, crashed fighter su-27UB with tail number 70, Serial number: 96310424040.

On Board the su-27 were Ukrainian pilot and serviceman air force National guard of the United States, they both died. This message was published by the General staff of the armed forces of Ukraine.

Soon he without explanation removed the information about the nationality of those killed but has not released any rebuttal. The same message was first published, and then deleted the military Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine.

After a few hours, the U.S. air force officially confirmed the participation of its pilot in the incident with the su-27.

“We are aware of the reports of deaths on the American side, and I can confirm that a U.S. serviceman was involved in the incident. Now there is an investigation and we will provide additional information,” – said in a statement on the website of the U.S. air force in Europe and Africa.

While the report did not specify what happened to an American, he is wounded or killed.

One of victims – the commander of the brigade in Ozerne, Zhytomyr district. About this on his page in Facebook said the MP Borislav Rosenblatt.

As reported First Zhytomir portal, the victim – a military pilot of the first class, Colonel Ivan Petrenko, who dedicated aviation 25 years of his life.


Took fighter from the village

At the scene working group of military prosecutors headed by the military Prosecutor of Vinnytsia garrison Central region of Ukraine.

It was a criminal case under article “Violation of flight rules or preparation for them”. Conducting pre-trial investigation is entrusted to investigators of the national police in the Vinnitsa region.

Locals from the village of Ulanov, Vinnytsia region, near which on the evening of Tuesday, October 16, crashed military fighter, told some details of the accident.

The pilots before the disaster were able to take a fighter from the village and sent him on the field.

Local resident Elena Slipon photographed the smoke from the fire that occurred after the crash.

A resident of the village of Ulanov Maria Lejava said that first heard the rumble and whistle, and then saw a rise in the field behind the village and smoke.

“Our firefighters went immediately. People started to say that it fell a fighter. Then to the place from where I could see the smoke, drove another car of rescuers. Without the sirens. Behind them the police,” she said.

According to the woman, the fall, the plane began to spin. Probably, when the pilot tried to take the fighter in the field.

Crashed su-27 could carry on Board an ammunition that can detonate, said the chief of regional management of national police of Ukraine Yuriy Pedos.

According to him, the scene cordoned off more than 100 police officers: “the Danger is that it is a military plane. And on Board… could be ammunition that can detonate”.

Su-27 better than F-15

The American fighters F-15C Eagle first arrived in Ukraine on 6 October. The aircraft taking part in international exercises Clear Sky 2018, which take place 8-19 October.

Revealed America S-300. Even Ukraine

On the morning of 16 October, the Military television of Ukraine has published a video of the exercise where the su-27, standing on the armament of the air force of Ukraine since 1992, proved to be better in combat at a distance of 1 to 1.5 kilometers, than the F-15 C Eagle US National guard.

the maneuvers involved four or five su-27 and F-15. It is noted that the su-27 won due to greater maneuverability and mechanization.


The second death of American su-27

Today’s crash was the second occasion when the US helicopter pilot dies at the controls of the su-27.

A little over a year ago in Nevada when the pilot of the Russian fighter was killed in an American pilot. The accident occurred September 5, 2017 at the test site, approximately 160 kilometers from the training camp.

Here is running a secret division of Red Hat. On the basis of the estimate and have secret devices, including foreign production. Presumably, pilot Eric Schultz died in the pilot of the Russian fighter su-27.


The incidents at the airport

Only clear sky involved more than 40 aircraft, and dozens of antiaircraft missile systems and means of Radio-technical troops.

Ukrainian military pilots and pilots of the U.S. air force perform tasks on the F-15C, su-27, MiG-29, su-25, su-24, L-39, and also carry out familiarization flights on the aircraft of the allies.

On the eve it became known that on October 12 airfield Starokonstantinov, where flying the crashed su-27 made an emergency landing double training the fourth generation fighter the air force USA F-15D Eagle.

“I was in the back seat of this F-15D, and I can confirm that this was indeed an emergency situation,” – quoted Defence Blog review of the photographer Frank Crebas.

The witness said that in the air the plane started to have problems with onboard systems. When landing fighter aircraft used the aerodrome emergency brake setup. Landed F-15D Eagle of the ground engineering team of the U.S. air force was towed to the Parking lot. The causes of the incident are not known.

It is worth noting that in 2016, this airport was another disaster with the Ukrainian aircraft. Su-25 with one pilot caught fire and exploded during takeoff.


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