Subotinov day of excitement due September 3

Шуфутинов день: в Сети ажиотаж из-за 3 сентября

Memes for the title song shufutinski

Song Mikhail Shufutinsky Third of September was again filled with all the tapes of social networks. Users publish jokes and memes.

According to tradition, on the eve of September 3, eponymous hit of Mikhail Shufutinsky fills the Internet. The song is a few years is a source for jokes.

Social media users EN masse post memes about September 3, “the fires of Rowan” and the turning of the calendar.

Note that the first meme was born in 2011. Then Vkontakte in one of public a portrait of the American rapper Rick Ross with a quote from a song.

Earlier in social networks have fun sleeping on the lap of Bogdan. Users amused, the head of the Office of the President, who fell asleep on the lap of a friend at the airport.

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